The Friends of the School are a group of volunteers who have the interests of the children, the school and social inclusion at the forefront of their agenda.

They hold fund-raising events throughout the year and all the proceeds are reinvested back into the school to subsidise such things as play and educational equipment, school trips and much more.

This is a very important, integral part of the school and we look forward to supporting all we can throughout the year.

A big thank you to all the volunteers.

Friends committee:
Chair: Natalie Jackson
Treasurer: Hannah Abraham
Secretary: Julie Roberts and Angela Simmonds

All committee members have a say in how the money we raise is spent and any ideas of fund raising are welcomed, so come along to the Friends meetings during the year.

We are always desperate for help at our events: whether it’s making a cake or helping to wash dishes, every bit of help is very much appreciated.

If any one is interested in helping or becoming a committee member please come along to an advertised Friends Meeting or contact through school.