In the event of severe weather preventing the opening of the School, local radio stations (Heart FM 100.8FM and BBC Radio Devon 103.4FM) will broadcast continuous information. The information will also be published on the School and Local Authority websites.

Snow during the day.

If there is substantial snow fall (or very severe weather conditions) during the day, then we will contact you to collect children early from school. This will be counted as authorised absence. Staff from outlying areas may need to leave promptly or early. The school will accommodate the children until the end of day but we would ask that parents relieve the pressure from the school by coming immediately for the children when contacted. Clubs, including after school clubs, would be cancelled.

Emergency contact information.

It is essential that your emergency contact information is kept up to date so that under these or similar circumstances we can contact you quickly.

Accidents unfortunately do happen from time to time. Several nominated members of staff are fully qualified to administer First Aid in an emergency. Parents will be informed if their child has been involved in a minor accident and if any treatment given. In more serious accidents, parents will be called immediately and further medical attention called, if necessary.