Curriculum Statement

Christ is at the centre of our curriculum and we provide an environment that nurtures and encourages and allows our children to blossom and grow into well-rounded individuals who are happy, polite and care about each other. Our Christian ethos underpins the whole curriculum and all we do as a community. We aim to provide our pupils with a rich diet of learning experiences which encompass their spiritual, social, moral and physical development as well as academic progress. Our curriculum is not in any way politically biased but has evolved from the underlying principles of our Mission Statement.

We aim to make our curriculum creative and exciting and allow our pupils to develop individual abilities, interests and potential. The new National Curriculum forms the basis of our curriculum with Literacy and Maths being core, and reading and writing being taught across all subjects. As a church school RE also is a core subject, and allows pupils to express their beliefs and ideas creatively through music, art and drama. All other foundation subjects are taught. However, we endeavour that our school curriculum is greater than the National Curriculum – that it is relevant and appropriate to the needs of our pupils in Dartmouth. Where possible we use a cross-curricular theme based approach and try to make learning fun and interesting.

We encourage our pupils to learn skills for life and develop thinking skills; to be resilient, to persevere, to enquire and question, to show independence and to work within a team.

We encourage children to be active and fit and enable them to participate in a wide range of sporting and physical activities, which also keeps them mentally fit and develops confidence, self-esteem, resilience and team work.

In the class links you can discover in more detail what your child will be learning each term.
If you wish to find out more about our curriculum we welcome you to come and talk with us.